Brian has been involved with various forms of art since childhood. At a young age his father encouraged him to scribble, find forms in his scribbles and develop a picture.

He excelled in art classes in school where his work was often brought, as an example, to the attention of other students by his teachers. His achievements were noted to be above the level of his peers.

However, as with many budding artists, life overtook his art, and it was many years before he would have a chance to continue to develop his skills.

Later, due to unforeseen circumstances, he found himself in a situation where he finally had time to spare. It was then that he began to devote himself to pursuing art on a full time basis. Primarily self-taught, he studied many of the masters and drew inspiration from them and the techniques they demonstrated. He was specifically drawn to watercolor and most of his work is in that medium.

Recently he has begun teaching students, first through a local association that he heads as President. From there he began conducting workshops as well as private lessons. His work has been on exhibit in art expositions as well as public events. He has created commissioned work, but always maintains his personal style.

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